Universal Orlando Plays to Kids of All Ages

ATLANTA Universal Orlando launched a new campaign this week promoting the resort as a destination for “older children” and its special kids free offer.

The work includes a new 30-second television commercial from the resort’s agency, independent davidandgoliath in Los Angeles, and a revised 15-second spot in an existing campaign. The resort also launched a new Web site to support the campaign.

In the new spot, children tell their parents that they are ready for a new vacation adventure. “If I had to hug one more princess on my vacation, I was going to hurl,” says one little girl with funky eyeglasses standing beside The Hulk roller coaster. “Sure I liked fairy tales . . . when I was a five,” says a small boy standing next to the Dr. Doom ride. “In case you forgot, I’m not eight anymore. I’m eight and a half,” says another girl.

The spots end with the onscreen titles, “Are your kids trying to tell you something?” and “It’s time for a better vacation.”

The existing 15-second spot, also from davidandgoliath, which shows a woman relaxing beside a swimming pool while getting a pedicure from Frankenstein and another woman clutching her kids as their boat races through Jurassic Park, adds a plug for the resort’s new promotion with the title, “Kids Stay, Play and Eat for Free.” A voiceover adds, “Your family has moved on, isn’t it time your vacation did too?”

The campaign is aimed at mothers, who make most of a family’s vacation plans, the resort said.

“Universal Orlando knows that kids want a more current and exciting entertainment vacation,” said Kurt Kostur, vice president of marketing communications at the Florida destination. “With our kids free offer, we are making it easier than ever for families to experience our unique resort together.”

Spending on the campaign was not disclosed. Universal Orlando spent $45 million on advertising in 2004 and $34 million through November 2005, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.