Union Jack ‘Flies’ via Ebeling

ATLANTA BBC America said it plans to launch new network promotion spots Monday.

The four new ads are the first work from the Ebeling Group, an independent Los Angeles shop that won the account in a review late last year. The Bethesda, Md.-based network, which has not changed its promotion spots since 2001, held the review specifically for the project. Campaign spending was not disclosed.

“This is a very competitive business and you have to keep looking fresh and new,” said Amy Mulcair, director of publicity for the network.

Each of the new spots will incorporate the existing campaign’s use of the British Union Jack flag in unusual ways and include the black boxes that surround the BBC letters in the network’s logo.

In a spot called “Head,” a man goes behind a black box with an Afro and emerges with a shaved head tattooed with the Union Jack. In another spot, a man in scuba gear climbs out of a black box and has a goldfish painted like the British flag swimming in his mask.

BBC America is a digital cable and satellite network that reaches 42 million homes in the U.S.