U.K. Internet Users Frequent Search Engines

NEW YORK The average U.K. search engine user conducts more searches than his counterparts in the U.S., France, Germany and Canada, according to a comScore Networks study released today.

The United Kingdom averaged about 41.8 queries per search engine user in April, with Canada close behind at 40 searches. Meanwhile, U.S., French and German users conducted 31-35 queries per month.

The data is from comScore’s qSearch division, which analyzes queries across the top search engines and portals.

In the five countries, Google was the most popular search engine, but leads by a larger margin outside the U.S. Specifically, the Mountain View, Calif.-based search engine accounted for more than 70 percent of queries at the top three engines by users in Canada, France and the U.K., compared to 44 percent in the U.S. According to comScore, Google’s international advantage is a result of the number of users and searches combined.

The study from the Reston, Va.-based research firm also revealed that major Internet portals, such as MSN and Yahoo!, are not converting existing visitors to search engine users. For instance, nearly 80 percent of U.K. Web surfers visited MSN sites in April, but just 34 percent of search engine users went to the Microsoft property’s engine. Likewise, Yahoo! reaches 43 percent of the French Web population, but only 23 percent of the country’s search engine users.