TWA at Your Service in New DMB&B Ads

Trans World Airlines attempts to forge a stronger link to consumer service with a campaign backed by specific flier benefits that uses the tagline, “One mission. Yours.”
The work, from D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles, St. Louis, breaks today in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.
“It’s how TWA hopes to differentiate itself,” said Don Casey, executive vice president of marketing at the St. Louis-based airline.
The line replaces “We want to be your airline,” which called on customers to return to the once-proud carrier that had fallen on hard times. “The biggest shift is instead of talking about what we want, we changed to what you want,” said Tom Gow, a group creative director at DMB&B.
What travelers want, according to the airline, are branded benefits such as the Aviators frequent flier program and First UP, highlighting the airline’s updated fleet and offer of first-class upgrades for full-fare coach tickets.
A print ad carries the headline, “Over eight-hundred twenty times a day, the people of TWA take to the air with just one mission. Yours.” Copy reiterates that a business flight is a mission.
A ad that breaks this week on cable and spot TV shows businesspeople in an airport, looking up at electronic signs which change to read, “Close deal in Boston” and “Get home for dinner.”
“We see what the individual is seeking to achieve,” Gow said.
TWA spent almost $35 million on advertising last year, and is on pace for only slighter higher output this year, Casey said.