Tropicana “Squeeze”

I’m torn over Arnell’s “Squeeze” campaign for Tropicana. The name does immediately bring freshly squeezed orange juice to mind, and the “It’s a natural” tag deftly suggests the 100 percent pure premium nature of the brand. The new carton’s also pretty snappy. My problem: The over-bright, sugary sweetness of the visuals. They’re straight outta Mad Men-era chirpy-family sitcoms like Leave It to Beaver or Make Room for Daddy. Such idealized families were Hollywood inventions, even when Ike and JFK sat in the Oval Office. We all know families fight like cats and dogs at the breakfast table; bratty brothers are lucky to survive. Tropicana’s perfectly posed A.M.-hugs imagery turns my disposition a tad sour. Ah well, it’s a fine line between sweet and sappy — and 100 percent purely a matter of personal taste. –David Gianatasio