Trojan “21st Birthday”

Nothing warms a girl’s heart more than getting an STD from her boyfriend on her 21st birthday. This online Trojan spot finds a way to weave scary facts into a satirical love story that young adults may actually pay attention to. A couple is seen inside a car, with the young man expressing his love for his girlfriend by giving her gonorrhea for her birthday. He wants to be the first to give her an STD, he explains. “Trust me. I am a gonorrhea girl,” she reassures him after he tells her that he also considered syphilis or herpes. He breathes a sigh of relief: “Good, because herpes can’t be returned so…” The spot then shifts to on-screen copy that explains: “No one wants to get an STD but 1/3 of sexually active people do by age 25.” Before the final tag — “Evolve. Use a condom every time” ends the spot — viewers see the girl excitedly tell her guy: “Wait until I show my mom!” Mom’s reaction should provide grist for an interesting sequel. –Eleftheria Parpis