TLPartnership Adds Promotion As Extra Topping for Pizza Hut

By Glen Fest

DALLAS–TLPartnership here launched an integrated marketing promotion for Pizza Hut last week to complement the new television campaign from the client’s advertising agency, BBDO in New York.

TLPartnership’s work in print, collateral, packaging, point-of-purchase materials and internal employee communications is part of the fast-food chain’s new ‘Making It Great. Again and Again’ campaign, which is intended to jump-start slumping sales and introduce a lineup of newly remade pizzas.

Humor plays a key part in TLPartnership’s work, including adding ‘fun’ titles like ‘Pizza Princess’ and ‘Chief Toppings Officer’ to employee name tags.

The promotional marketing campaign emphasizes ‘new improved ingredients,’ ‘more toppings than ever before’ and ‘the ultimate guarantee’ promises in Pizza Hut’s products, according to TLPartnership.

‘Research indicates consumers have been in a ‘show-me’ mode,’ said Lynda Oliver, TLPartnership account supervisor in a prepared statement. ‘They needed to believe Pizza Hut offers the best pizza for the money, so our job was to emphasize the consumer benefit.’

Photographs of actual employees were used for all print and point-of-purchase materials, including an internal communications video presentation, according to the agency. The new Pizza Hut look utilized free-standing inserts, neighborhood billboards as well as in-store items like counter cards, placements, table tents and posters.

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