Time For A Change

When Procter & Gamble found out oil-change franchise Jiffy Lube was using the phrase “Oil of L.A.” on billboards in Southern California, it saw red.
The Cincinnati-based packaged-goods giant, which markets Oil of Olay beauty products, had its legal department fire off a letter to Pennzoil Products Co., which operates Jiffy Lube International. P&G demanded that the company remove all advertising containing the offending phrase under threat of legal action. “It appears confusion or at least a false sense of relationship or consent is occurring here,” the letter stated.
Jiffy Lube took down the billboards (shown here), but officials were perplexed by P&G’s concern.
“I don’t see how anyone could really be confused by our campaign,” said Tom Burney, a member of the Southern California Jiffy Lube Advertising Co-op board. “You can’t find a Jiffy Lube oil change on aisle three [of a supermarket].”
The billboard was created by The Fuller Group in Los Angeles. Agency president John Fuller said the ad had pretty much run its course. –Angela Dawson