Taco Time thinks the Taco Bell Chihuahua’s 15 minutes of fame are up.
In a new TV commercial from Red Monkey Ads & Ideas, Portland, Ore., Taco Time pokes fun at its larger rival’s ubiquitous talking pooch. In the ad, a man spots his neighbor with a Chihuahua and marvels at how Taco Bell could manage to get its dog’s lips to move. He goes so far as to poke and pull both the animal’s and the neighbor’s faces, trying to get them to say, “Yo quiero.”
The Eugene, Ore.-based fast-food chain also takes direct aim at Taco Bell’s menu, promoting a Spicy Chicken Gordita it says is larger and spicier than its rival’s offerings.
The campaign extends to radio, point-of-purchase materials and crew member T-shirts. The shirts carry the message, “No talking dogs, just great food,” complete with a picture of a Chihuahua covered by the traditional circle and slash symbol on the front.
–Christine Campbell