“Little Creatures”

Looking for talent to crush the competition? Fallon’s commercial for premium job site uses a spot-on spoof of Japanese monster movies to demonstrate the strength of talent the company offers. A site that exclusively caters to the $100K+ job market, presents viewers with a thoroughly entertaining spot that features “Little Creatures,” as the spot is called, attacking a city. Their size prevents them from even intimidating a small dog let alone tear down a metropolis. Everyone pretty much ignores the pint-sized monsters until an enormous version of the creature joins the party with the voiceover explanation “we only work with the big talent” and wreaks proper havoc on the city, tossing cars, blowing up buildings and sending pedestrians running for their lives. After watching the little ones try so hard and fail, however, the spot builds more sympathy for the runts than for the mammoth monster that actually got the job done. –-Eleftheria Parpis