Tango Group Takes Off in Mass.

Tango Group, a marketing communications agency focusing on the high-tech sector, has opened its doors with six staffers and a pair of accounts.

“We ensure that whoever sells the business services the business,” said Eileen Pacheco, founder of the startup in Hingham, Mass.

Pacheco built Tango from her prior business, One-to-One Strategies, a Plymouth, Mass., consulting company serving high-tech clients. Before starting One-to-One, Pacheco served in various public relations and marketing positions, including a stint with PR agency Creamer Dickson Basford in New York.

With a staff of two principals and four associate consultants, the shop is focusing on high-tech clients and other companies that have some high-tech aspect, such as professional services.

Currently, Tango is working with the Kelsey Group, a Princeton, N.J., publisher, and Pioneer Investments, Boston.

Pacheco’s chief lieutenant at Tango is Sue Vaillancourt, vp, director of public relations, who had been public relations director at Work.com, a site now known as Business.com.

Pacheco said one of the shop’s objectives is to work in tandem with full-service ad agencies, whether in partnerships or through referral relationships.