T-Mobile Casts Whoopi in myTouch Spots

NEW YORK T-Mobile is rolling out a campaign in support of myTouch 3G, which the company is pitching as a competitor to the iPhone.

A series of spots, which debut today, tout the phone’s personalization options. The ads feature The View’s Whoopi Goldberg, Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson and Jesse James of the Discovery Channel’s Motorcycle Mania series.

The ads carry the tagline, “The first phone that becomes 100 percent you,” and show off features similar to the iPhone and other smart phones. T-Mobile is pitching myTouch as a superior device and claims that it “offers more opportunities for personalization than any other phone.”

To illustrate this point of differentiation, the celebrities in the ads show off their own personalized version of myTouch. For example, Goldberg’s phone features a vampire-themed image of herself, titled “Whoopula.”

Additionally, T-Mobile showcases myTouch’s collection of applications (much like the iPhone), its partnership with Google, and its photo- and video-sharing capabilities.

T-Mobile executives are calling it the largest such campaign in the company’s history. Besides TV, T-Mobile is planning ad executions in print, on the Web and in theaters.

Nielsen Business Media