Sweet ‘N Low Goes Into Play

Cumberland Packing Corp. has launched a review of creative and media duties on its portfolio of brands, which include Sweet ‘N Low, Sugar in the Raw and Butter Buds.

The Brooklyn, N.Y.-based client has distributed a questionnaire to more than 20 agencies that’s due back on Sept. 14.

Among other things, the document asks about experience with clients in the packaged-goods and food sectors. In addition, it requests three to five case studies that illustrate the ability to revitalize a brand, to launch a new product and to “increase market share in an environment where a product is a challenger brand and is significantly outspent by competitors” and to execute a fully integrated ad campaign.

Cumberland’s other brands include Stevia Extract in the Raw, Natra Taste Blue, Natra Taste Gold and Nu Salt. The company plans to spend $6 million on marketing next year, according to the questionnaire.

Based on responses, client executives will narrow the field to about eight agencies, said Peggy Mitchell-King of Aquent Consulting in New York, which is managing the search. Those agencies in turn will get an assignment and make presentations to client execs. Based on the presentations, Cumberland will cut to three finalists, Mitchell-King said. The client hopes to select a winner by the end of November.

Cumberland’s longtime lead agency, independent Pedone in New York, is not participating in the review.

In a statement, Cumberland director of marketing Michael Decker said: “We are energized by the prospect of engaging new thinking about our marketing message and delivery.”

Nielsen Business Media