surrender to dorothy

Not over the rainbow but over the streets of Holly wood, way up high, many, many banners of a smiling Judy Garland fly.

The legendary actress, who would have turned 80 this year, is suddenly a dominating figure in Tinseltown again. On street after street, a huge photo of Garland as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz is draped from every lamppost.

All told, the image appears on 185 banners to promote “Princess of Oz: Judy Garland,” a summerlong exhibition at the Hollywood Entertainment Museum.

The show, which opened this month and runs through Sept. 2, offers rare and unpub lished photographs of Garland and other memorabilia showing her life from childhood star to screen siren.

The idea for the banners came from Richard Ayson, market ing director at the museum, who says they have helped boost attendance by 25 percent.

While some streets in Hollywood are now wall-to-wall Dorothy, Ayson says no one finds the ads intrusive. “The Hollywood community has been very complimentary about the banners,” Ayson beams. “They feel it brightens up and embellishes Hollywood itself.”