SuperBrands 96 Category Ranking: AUTOMOBILES

U.S. Luxury
The race for No. 1 grew more heated with Lincoln Town Car drawing to within
5,000 units of Cadillac Deville. Chrysler New Yorker cruised past Buick Park
Avenue to take over third place.
Brand Co. Name, Location
Lead Agency, Location
Sales (units)
Media Expenditures (millions)
1 Cadillac Deville General Motors, Detroit
DMBB, Bloomfield, MI
Sales: 124,804
Media Exp.: $82.8
2 Lincoln Town Car Ford Motor, Dearborn, MI
Young & Rubicam, Detroit
Sales: 120,191
Media Exp.: $30.6
3 Chrysler New Yorker LHS Chrysler, Highland Park, MI
Bozell, Southfield, MI
Sales: 69,550
Media Exp.: $31.8
4 Buick Park Ave. General Motors, Troy, MI
McAnn-Erickson, Troy, MI
Sales: 57,314
Media Exp.: $31.2
5. Cadillac Seville General Motors, Detroit
DMBB, Bloomfield, MI
Sales: 37,868
Media Exp.: $45.5
Sources: J.D. Power & Associates (sales); Competitive Media Reporting
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