Super Bowl Contest Picks Its Maine Man

NEW YORK The National Football League has unveiled plans for its Super Bowl spot, with the winning commercial having been conceived by a man who may become a star on Feb. 4.

Gino Bora is the winner of the NFL’s “Pitch Your Idea for the Best Super Bowl Commercial Ever. Seriously” contest. The NFL said it selected Bora’s idea from among 1,700 entries, which were eventually cut down to 12, from people who submitted their concepts to an NFL Web site. They had already been reduced from about 10,000 people who presented their ideas in person at various NFL venues earlier in the season.

Fans and creative types chosen by the NFL voted on the entries, as did members of the league’s marketing department.

Bora’s concept will be turned into a Super Bowl ad filmed by director Joe Pytka, who helped judge the contest and who also has shot numerous Super Bowl commercials.

Bora’s pitch focuses on NFL fans whose teams disappointed them (although not necessarily this season): a San Francisco 49ers inflatable chair is deflated; a New England Patriots fan is in the shower washing off his body paint; a bartender hands a $6,000 tab to a group of depressed fans; and a man pulls a Chicago Bears jersey off his dog. The concept is played out to Boyz II Men’s “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday.”

Bona, a salesman for Garrand Marketing Communications in Portland, Maine, will travel to Los Angeles next week to help shoot the 30-second spot with Pytka. He will eventually go to Miami for Super Bowl XLI on Feb. 4, where he will get two tickets to the game.