Sundance Glows Green With Amber

NEW YORK The Sundance Channel today introduces the latest celebrity environmental spot with actress and model Amber Valletta. The effort was crafted by documentary house Kontentreal.

In the ad, Valletta sits on a front porch facing the camera in a white shirt and jeans, talking about growing up in Oklahoma with a mother who was an anti-nuclear power activist. She also talks about her work with Oceania, a group that tries to raise awareness about the dangers of mercury in fish.

“We wanted a broad spectrum of people that would speak to multiple audiences,” said Karena Albers, co-owner and co-director of Kontentreal. “The commonality is that they are all passionate about environmentalism.”

New York-based Kontentreal specializes in work that focuses on the environment. Albers, together with co-director Tad Fettig, produced the six-part documentary Design: E2 about building eco-friendly structures.

The campaign, which began April 17 and runs through mid-July, has 13 celebrities in 13 different spots talking about their relationship with the environment. Participants include Gabrielle Reese, Josh Lucas, Daryl Hannah and Tim Robbins. The spots are also viewable on Sundance’s Web site.

In another spot, Lucas sits on a wooden floor with his back against a pillar and talks about walking down the street and his disbelief upon hearing a woman say, “I love global warming.”

“When we were looking at what direction to go, we wanted the focus to be on celebrity but celebrity as human being,” said Albers. “We wanted the feeling to be raw and abstract and honest. You enter conversation as if they were already holding a conversation.”

The shorts appear during Sundance’s “Green Block,” a regular section of programming devoted to the environment that runs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST. Big Ideas for a Small Planet and Eco Biz are two of the environmental shows.

“The reason these individuals participated is because they are passionate about the issues rather than looking to promote themselves,” said Sarah Barnett, svp of branding, on-air and creative services. “What we were after is something that is intimate and authentic.”