Study: Younger Consumers Fueling Green Trend

More than any other age group, consumers 18-34 believe there is a direct link between human activities and global warming, according to research conducted by EnviroMedia Social Marketing. Because of this belief, this group of an estimated 76 million people will most likely drive green trends moving forward.

Americans who believe in this connection are nearly twice as likely to buy green, despite the economy, than those who feel it is happening naturally. Sixty-four percent of the 18-34 crowd feel humans have caused global warming. The survey of 1,000 people in late January was conducted by Opinion Research.

“That should serve as a wake-up call to sellers and marketers of current and future green products and to any company in general,” said Kevin Tuerff, CEO of Green Canary Sustainability Consulting, a subsidiary of EnviroMedia, in a statement.

About half (51 percent) of Americans believe humans caused global warming. Members of that group tend be college educated and feel that green transportation is the most beneficial eco-friendly trend versus recycling an reducing packaging waste.

Earlier this year, EnviroMedia reported that eight of 10 consumers will still buy green despite the economy.