Stocking Filler

Just in time for Christmas, Ad Mania, the new must-have toy for your favorite advertising-obsessed co-worker, is heading to the shelves of Toys “R” Us.
The board game (shown here) is conceptually similar to Trivial Pursuit, and has several question categories. Correct answers are rewarded with chips.
Adweek tested Ad Mania on Mikal Reich, creative director, copywriter for Mad Dogs & Englishmen, New York. Reich designed Mad Dogs’ Web site, which incorporates an ad trivia game of its own.
Reich’s experience paid off: He correctly answered 26 Ad Mania questions in a row.
The skies darkened though when Reich was asked to identify the brand that used the tag, “Doctor recommended.” Tragically, Reich was not familiar enough with Preparation H to answer.
Moral: It’s all fun and games until someone chokes on hemorrhoid cream trivia. Better luck next time. -Teresa Andreoli