Staples “Gas”

The Staples Easy Button is getting out of the office in a new back-to-school campaign from McCann Erickson, New York. Only in new 15-seconds spots like this one, titled “Gas,” customers find that getting a bargain is not as effortless in the real world as it is in the office supply store. In this commercial a woman filling up her car at a gas station is told the cost to fill up her tank is “$92.50.” .As if by habit, she pulls out the button and presses it, asking, “Now how much is it ?” Of course, the attendant looks at her dumbfounded and responds, “92.50.” But that doesn’t stop her and presses the button again, “Can i put some back?.” A voiceover informs viewers, “The Easy Button can save you lots of money, but only at Staples.” Another spot features a mom trying to get a discount on her teen’s expensive jeans. The reactions on both sides of the cash registers in these spots are funny. Although the economy may be tanking, there might be at least one safe haven for back-to-school shopping.–Eleftheria Parpis