St. Louis Shop Plants Schultz Brand Name

Schultz Horticultural Products in St. Louis appeals to the hard-core gardener’s passion for growing things in a TV and print campaign from Rodgers Townsend.
The campaign is the St. Louis agency’s first for Schultz, and is one of the 51-year-old company’s most extensive ad efforts to date, with the TV work airing in 23 markets covering 12 states.
One of two TV spots is a straight branding effort, while the other is more product-focused. In the branding commercial, a daisy is shown growing out of a crack in a desert highway as a red muscle car bears down. One assumes the daisy will be mowed down, but the last shot shows it has been replanted along the side of the road, with a tidy white wire fence surrounding the still-healthy flower in a plot of Schultz potting soil. The spot ends with the voiceover, “Plants move people, and people move plants.”
The message of the campaign is, “Finally there’s a brand that understands how I feel about growing things,” said Tom Townsend, creative director at the agency. The strategy is to appeal to the hard-core gardeners, which will recommend Schultz products to amateurs who follow the lead of experts, Townsend said. Print work, which is running in spring issues of Good Housekeeping and in more esoteric periodicals such as American Floral and Nursery Retailer, takes a similar approach. One execution shows a close-up of thorns on the stem of a rose, with the headline “Love hurts.”
The TV work broke earlier this month. Schultz executives declined comment. The company’s media buying is handled by Smart Media in St. Louis.