St. John’s ‘Buds’ Are on the Job for Zaxby’s

ATLANTA New broadcast advertising for Zaxby’s will launch Sept. 13 in 11 Southeast markets where the chain has restaurants, the agency producing the campaign said.

St. John & Partners has produced three 30-second television spots and four 60-second radio commercials for the Athens, Ga.-based company’s more than 200 restaurants throughout the Southeast.

The campaign tagline, “Be good to your buds,” is a reference to taste buds. In all the ads, taste buds are animated and depicted in bland office settings where they are bored with their jobs.

In a TV commercial called “Horse,” two taste buds try to toss paper wads into the open mouth of a fellow taste bud that is asleep in his cubicle. The scene is followed by the onscreen question, “Taste Buds Not Working Very Hard?” Another TV ad features a taste bud throwing pencils into the ceiling above his desk and the query, “Taste Buds Bored With Their Job?”

The third spot shows a taste bud being trampled by his co-workers as they leave the office at 5 p.m., followed by the question, “Taste Buds Not Lovin’ Their Job?”

The Jacksonville, Fla., agency won the $5 million account in September 2002 after a review involving three other undisclosed agencies.