Spanning the Globe

Covering 100 acres just south of Los Angeles, Cerritos Auto Square sells about $1 billion worth of cars each year. The dealership wanted a new ad campaign that would both reflect its vast size and stand apart from standard dealer ads.

With this mandate, L.A. boutique Marcus Plotkin hit the streets to ask people about the huge dealer cooperative. But rather than quiz the locals, the shop took a global approach, opting to interview people throughout the world.

One spot shows a bunch of New Yorkers mostly shrugging their shoulders when asked about the client. A second commercial was filmed in Moscow, where locals were even more baffled by the question. Plans call for future ads filmed in Paris, Venice and Mexico City.

Creative director Chaim Marcua, who directed the New York and Moscow shoots, said the idea is to suggest that people throughout the world should know about Cerritos.

“Some of the answers were very funny,” Marcus said. “We want to make it clear to Californians that there is only one place in the world to buy a car, and that’s Cerritos.”