Sorrell Rates On Rich List

If you’re a WPP executive, it may be a good time to hit the boss up for a raise.
Martin Sorrell, the chief executive of the London-based holding company, broke back into the ranks of Britain’s wealthiest last year. Sorrell returned to The Times of London’s annual list of the 1,000 richest Britons Weighing in at No. 675, Sorrell, 54, is estimated to be worth £35 million ($56 million), £32 million ($51.2 million) of which comes from his WPP stake and stock options.
Adland’s recurring favorites on the list, Charles and Maurice Saatchi, slipped in the rankings. The brothers–whose combined wealth is estimated at £140 million ($224 million)–fell to No. 163 from 110. The decline reflects 55-year-old Charles Saatchi’s December sell-off of 30 works of art–5 percent of his collection–for £1.6 million ($2.5 million).
Their agency, M&C Saatchi, had a good year, with The Times valuing the shop that bills £232 million ($371 million) at £75 million ($120 million). That would put the brothers’ 40 percent stake at £30 million ($48 million).
–Noreen O’Leary