Something From Nothing?

So what did advertisers get for their $1 million-plus investment in a 30-second Seinfeld finale spot? The attention of about one-third of those tuned in.
According to a telephone survey of 500 viewers, conducted by Leo Burnett’s Starcom Media Services unit, only 36 percent of viewers continued watching through the commercial breaks.
The survey, conducted May 15, the day after the show aired, revealed that another 14 percent said they were channel surfing during breaks, while 20 percent said they talked to others in the room, 16 percent said they left the room, and 11 percent did something other than watching advertising. Good news for advertisers with late slots: 86 percent of viewers said they watched most or all of the show.
The commercials that aired received decent marks: 23 percent thought them outstanding or at least better than what usually airs, while 47 percent judged them no better or worse than usual.
The rest presumably thought the ads were about nothing.
– Scott Hume