Soapy Sales

Christy, MacDougall, Mitchell chose an unconventional media strategy to promote client Dime Savings Bank to New York’s Chinese population.
When conducting focus groups with Dime employees in New York’s Chinatown branch, a bank staffer suggested bypassing cable TV spots in favor of Chinese soap operas, which are taped in Hong Kong and available in local video stores as a complete set or in installments.
CMM shipped the spot, which was translated into Mandarin Chinese, to the soap opera distributor who spliced them into the tapes. The soaps were then shipped back and are currently available in the New York market.
The spot (shown here) chosen for the video effort features a toddler in a playroom. Yodeling plays in the background while dollar figures flash across the screen, listing how much the little tyke will eventually cost his parents on everything from diapers to college tuition fees. The spot is tagged, “With you all the way.”
–Sloane Lucas