That Sinking Feeling Again

Titanic may have peaked at the box office, but its promotional value will go on and on.
Serendipity Entertainment, a Blockbuster Video franchisee and subsidiary of Kansas City, Mo., agency Bernstein-Rein Advertising, has created a contest that will send one of its Blockbuster customers to the bottom of the ocean to view the ship’s wreckage firsthand.
Bernstein-Rein has done promotional work for Blockbuster Video in the past and is agency of record for Blockbuster Music. However, Steve Bernstein, Serendipity’s head of operations and Bernstein-Rein’s chief operating officer, said the promotion is only open to customers of Serendipity’s 30 stores in New Mexico, Arizona, California and Colorado.
“This is not a national promotion but something we designed on our own local level,” he said.
The trip, valued at $32,000, marks the first time a member of the general public will have a chance to explore the remains of the Titanic, Bernstein said.
But the promotion is not for the faint of heart: The winner will spend eight hours in a tiny three-person submarine, much of it in total darkness, to reach the famed wreckage.
–Aaron Baar