Signing 5 Clients Means $3 Mil. for Davis & Co.

Bank, Restaurant, Insurer, Software, Phone Center Join D.C. Shop
ATLANTA-After mounting an intense business development push earlier this year, officials with Davis & Company in Washington, D.C., last week announced five new accounts with combined billings of $3 million.
New additions to the Davis client roster are Wilmington Savings Fund Society (known as WSFS Bank), regional Arby’s restaurant business, HealthExtras, Welligent and Executive Call Centers.
The WSFS account came to the agency via a cold call, after the shop had performed its version of pre-qualifying the business. Davis handles marketing for three other community banks, and actively recruits similar financial institutions in noncompeting markets.
“There’s an FDIC Web site and we’re able to qualify prospects by their deposits,” said J. Brantley Davis, general manager of the agency’s Washington office. The agency also has a branch in Norfolk, Va.
The type of banking client Davis recruits is large enough to have an appreciable advertising and marketing budget. It also seeks banks looking to defend their turf against larger, multi-state financial institutions.
“There is a huge appeal that these kinds of banks have to a lot of people,” said Davis. “These are the people who have a bigger bank acquire theirs and start adding services fees or cancel credit lines. The personal service is gone, and that’s what community banks are all about.”
The addition of the Arby’s business strengthens a six-year relationship the agency has had with the fast-food restaurant that began in the Norfolk market. The acquisition of Arby’s Salisbury, Md., co-op gives the agency $2 million in total billings from the client.
HealthExtras will be a direct account for Davis. The company, which uses actor Christopher Reeve as its spokesperson, offers disability insurance through statement stuffers circulated with monthly credit card bills.
Executive Call Centers specializes in processing phone communications for catalog markets. Welligent markets software products to school health systems. -Jim Osterma