According to the National Association for Premenstrual Syndrome, more than one in three women suffers from the monthly disorder.

Clearly, they haven’t tried retail therapy.

Print and outdoor ads from Baltimore’s Eisner Underground claim shopping is an effective treatment for PMS.

The four-part campaign, created by art director Dave Taylor and copywriter Eric Hartsock, promotes the Lake Forest Mall in Maryland.

One ad shows a young woman resting duringa rigorous bout of shopping. The look on her face is warning enough. The bags at her side contain, according to the accompanying text: “Bunny slippers, chocolate ice cream, a blowtorch.”

The tagline: “Lake Forest, for all your issues.”

“Basically, even when life sucks, there’s always the mall,” said Taylor.

Another ad features what a woman might purchase on days when she runs into her ex-boyfriend: “Fishnets, manicure, steel-toe boots.”