Shooting a Ball

Creatives in Detroit are in a photography contest in which every picture they took must feature a red rubber ball.

Creative directors, art directors and art buyers were all invited to participate in the amateur competition and exhibition, and entries were due last week.

Each of the 500 entry packets contained a deflated red rubber ball and a 15-exposure disposable camera. Entrants were asked to shoot whatever they wanted as long as the ball, inflated or deflated, was in the frame.

Participants had to turn in the the disposable cameras instead of prints, and thus were not be able to view, retouch or otherwise edit any of their shots. From a group of 20 finalists, judges will select gold, silver and bronze prize winners.

An exhibition, which will include prints of all entries, will be held March 22 at The Temple in Ferndale, Mich. The contest is being produced by The Big Idea, a local monthly, which bills itself as “the area’s connection to the communication arts.”