Shaw’s Pushes Low-Price Strategy

Broadcast Ads From Mintz & Hoke Give Shoppers a Reason to Switch
BOSTON–Mintz & Hoke’s first work for Shaw’s Supermarkets positions the chain of groceries as an everyday provider of low prices.
The television and radio campaign pokes fun at other food stores for hosting specials only on select items. In addition, the Avon., Conn., agency modified Shaw’s tagline–“Good food costs less at Shaw’s”–by adding, “a whole lot less.”
“People are very comfortable with their grocery stores, and we have to give them a really good reason to switch,” explained Mintz & Hoke creative director Dik Haddad. “Assuming all stores have the same products to offer, our research shows the biggest reason [a consumer is] going to change is price.”
The ads are running through the end of July on spot TV and network cable as well as radio stations throughout New England. Media spending was not disclosed.
One execution in the series of three 30-second television commercials shows a cat sitting in front of an empty bowl. A woman is heard asking her mate whether he picked up cat food at the store. He responds no, adding, however, that the supermarket did have a great special on corn. As he speaks, he places an ear of corn on the cat’s dish.
A voiceover intones that Shaw’s checks more than 8,000 prices, so “you can save $20, $30 or $40 every month on things you really want.”
Another commercial, titled “Sound Bites,” broke last week and seeks to tempt shoppers with Shaw’s summer produce. Upbeat music plays as people nosh on a colorful variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.
“We saw so many spots that showed the camera panning down the aisle, and we needed to present fruit and vegetables differently,” said Mintz & Hoke art director Don Carter. “We wanted appetite appeal, so this is just a fun little video where the visuals did all the talking.”
The Mintz & Hoke creative team was led by creative director Haddad, who worked with copywriter Alan Maislen and art directors Don Carter and Melissa Barbeau.
The East Bridgewater, Mass.-based chain of groceries operates 121 stores throughout New England and plans to expand into the New York metropolitan area this year.