Served With a Twist

Beers in hand, a man hopefully follows a trail of lingerieto his bedroom. In a sports bar, another man zealously watches over a nearby beer mug that appears to bear lipstick traces.

But in a pair humorous twists, the clothing trail turns out to be created by the owner’s mischievous dog, and the bar patron is confronted by a screaming, face-painted soccer fan.

Both Budweiser television commercials from Latino marketing agency Ornelas & Associates then veer off course again when a beautiful woman in each scenario beckons from the bedroom or sidles up to her waiting drink.

The two spots, which began airing nationally late last month, will continue appearing through the end of the year on sports programming on cable and network television.

Both ads debuted in English as part of the client’s general market campaign prior to their Spanish-language run.

Agency president Victor Ornelas said the client asked the Dallas shop to present universal concepts that would compete against the creative ideas of its other roster agencies. A third Ornelas spot is in production.

“One of the key attributes of Anheuser-Busch is they really challenge their agencies … They’re not confined to their own little market segments,” Ornelas said. “You come in with the best work and the best work wins.”

“It’s real situations,” he said of the new work. “They really like the two misdirections; [each] had a clever twist.”