Seen Through A Glass, Darkly

Miller Brewing Co. has put images from its moody, black-and-white ad campaign for Miller Genuine Draft directly into the product.
Twelve still takes from the campaign introduced last year through Wieden & Kennedy in Portland, Ore., appear on the back of MGD and MGD Light labels. Because the beer is packaged in a clear bottle, the slightly distorted, marginally magnified images are visible through the yellow liquid.
Miller has long been known for its clear bottles, used as packaging for what was for many decades the brewery’s flagship brand, Miller High Life. But this is the first time the brewery has taken advantage of the see-through glass by placing images on the label’s backside, Miller representative Kari McGrath said.
Currently starring in Wieden’s campaign: the heavyset barroom dancer; the woman suggestively displaying an MGD bottle cap on her outstretched tongue; the hip young dudes shooting pool; and the burly, bare-chested man hoisting a keg.
-Scott Hume