The Scoop

The shop that wins may be the one that best balances creative fire and buttoned-down account management, because those contrasting traits characterize the review’s key decision maker. Legacy CEO Cheryl Healton, who heads a five-person review committee, favors the in-your-face, attack mode of “Truth” creative. But she’s also a physician with a conservative management style. She remains troubled by a 2001 incident in which Arnold spliced together separate calls by a teen to Lorillard Tobacco for a radio spot. (Even before learning of the incident, Lorillard had filed suit, alleging that Legacy violated the Master Settlement agreement. The case is pending.) Also a key client player is marketing and communications evp Chris Cullen, an ardent proponent of Legacy’s “do more with less” mission. He oversaw the shift in media buying from Havas’ Arnold MPG to independents R.J. Palmer Media Services and Media Head, and has said he wants the kind of pro-bono backup to buys that the ONDCP enjoys. The fact that media has moved from Havas, coupled with lingering tension over the radio editing, doesn’t help the incumbents’ chances.