S.C. Shop Nixes Mixes

Henderson Advertising has resigned the advertising accounts of White Lily Foods and Pioneer Flour Mills.
The companies’ parent organization is holding a closed review to find a replacement. Shops from both the Southeast and Southwest are included, according to sources.
The two brands are owned by C.H. Guenther & Son, which recently moved its marketing offices from Knoxville, Tenn., to San Antonio.
Kevin Janiga, vice president of consumer marketing for C.H. Guenther, said the move played a “small part” in the split with the Green-ville, S.C., shop, but “primarily we were not on the same page strategically and we felt like the creative wasn’t as focused and unified as we’d like. It was a great relationship, [we were] just not getting work we needed–one simple, powerful message that we could use across a variety of media.”
Henderson chief executive officer Ralph Callahan said he enjoyed working with the client, but disagreed with Janiga’s core premise.
“One simple, powerful message does not apply to products with different attributes and benefits,” Callahan said. “White Lily is flour and corn meal–ingredient products–and muffin and brownie mixes–convenience products. Pioneer is primarily a gravy mix business.”
Janiga confirmed the company is holding a closed review, and is talking to three undisclosed agencies. There will be capabilities presentations in December, then an invitation to two of the shops to return for final pitches in January. A decision is expected by the end of that month.
Competitive Media Reporting cites White Lily and Pioneer’s 1998 spending at $582,000 and $716,000, respectively; $106,000 and $343,000 through July 1999.
C.H. Guenther & Son also operates White Wings, a Hispanic-targeted brand whose account is handled by Montemayor y Asociados in San Antonio. K