Samariteens Break Hotline Awareness Campaign

A pro bono campaign for the Samariteens from Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos will break May 9, Suicide Awareness Day.

The print effort is the first public awareness push for Samariteens, a nonprofit organization that runs a suicide prevention hotline for teenagers.

“The campaign is an effort to get teens to use the hotline,” said Sheridan Haines, executive director at Samaritans of Boston.

Samariteens was spun off from the better known Samaritans suicide prevention program. Artwork from the campaign will be available to other branches nationwide.

One execution shows a morgue with three drawers labeled with three causes of death, “Stroke,” “Cancer” and “Teased about her weight.” Another ad shows a graveyard with three grave stones labeled, “Cancer,” “Heart Attack” and “Failed Math.”

The following copy, along with the hotline number, appears on each of the ads: “There are a million reasons to feel alone in this world. None of them worth dying for. Call us if you want to talk. We’re teenagers too. We’ll listen.” Posters will appear on Boston-area subway platforms and inside trains.

Teens consulted with associate creative director Doug Gould during the creation of the campaign. “The volunteers said that not enough teens know they exist,” said Gould. In crafting the campaign, Gould said, “All you have to do is to remember what it was like to be a teenager … there was so much turmoil and new things to deal with … and most of us didn’t want to talk with our parents.”