“All for one, and one for all.” So proclaimed the Three Musketeers, and now the Jewish Com munity Center in New York is giving the motto—well, half of it, anyway—a new spin in five outdoor ads from Three Moves Ahead.

The work, which broke recently, bears the tag line, “One for all,” and focuses on the welcoming, all-inclusive attitude for which the brand-new, $85 million center would like to be known.

“[Post-Sept. 11] is an unusual time for the subject of community,” noted Anders Rich, president and creative director at Three Moves Ahead in New York. ” ‘One for all’ is saying that this is an inclusive organization; we’re welcoming everybody here.”

One ad shows a tot unrolling a roll of toilet paper and bears the copy, “Somebody needs a place to rechannel her creative juices.” Another execution features a wide-eyed baby with the copy, “Arts. Sports. Humongous pool. A zillion activities. (And that’s just for the grown-ups.)”

The effort comprises mini-billboards that are running at Upper East Side subway stations, between 66th and 96th streets, through April. The center, which opened in January, is located at 334 Amsterdam Ave.