Rhino Breaks Out

What started as a two-person design firm has grown into a creative boutique with its first TV commercial gaining national attention.
Formed in 1991, White Rhino Productions in Burlington, Mass., recently created a 30-second spot titled “Trophomotion” for Tru-Fit, a marketer of sports medical products.
In the ad, two trophies come to life and challenge each other to a game of basketball. One, suffering from an apparent knee injury, puts on a brace–and the game is on. The tagline: “Playing is winning.”
The commercial is currently being tested in the Denver and Tampa, Fla., markets and is expected to be introduced nationally this month.
It’s already received national recognition, however: On Feb. 6, the ad appeared on ABC’s “The Best Commercials You’ve Never Seen (And Some You Have).” The ad also was chosen to appear on a newly syndicated TV program called “Digital Cafe” during its “Animation of the Week” segment.
If the agency’s creatives feel any pressure to make their next spots as well-received as their first, they’re not saying.
–Sarah Jones