Retailer Consolidates At Foth Advertising

Ron Foth Advertising in Columbus, Ohio, has been awarded a multibrand account from Birmingham, Ala.-based retailer Proffitt’s.
The account, which the agency valued at approximately $16 million annually, includes the creation of a corporate branding campaign for Proffitt’s, as well as broadcast creative development and media buying responsibilities for its four department store chains: Herberger’s, Proffitt’s, McRae’s and Younkers.
Foth was the incumbent on the 48-store Younkers division. Two other Proffitt’s roster agencies– O2 Ideas in Birmingham, Ala., and GodwinGroup in Jackson, Miss.–were finalists in the review, along with the retail unit of Bozell, New York.
Foth will also create a fourth-quarter holiday campaign that will cut across all Proffitt’s department store brands, with creative work customized to each of those chains, the agency said.
“Beyond the goal of creating powerful and effective advertising, we also wanted to focus on opportunities to reduce expenses,” Fran Jose, Proffitt’s senior vice president of marketing said in a statement.
“[Foth] was able to bring these kinds of synergies to our company, while, at the same time, still elevating the quality of our advertising.”
Ron Foth Sr., president and chief executive officer of the agency, credited his shop’s expanded in-house production facilities with playing a major role in the Proffitt’s win.
“We do 200 radio and TV spots a year with our own off-line editing and recording facilities,” he said.
“If you need to be quick to react [to market changes] and control costs, we can do that.”