Retail Hijinks

What do bubble wrap and greased pigs have to do with department stores? Absolutely nothing. And that’s the point in a new campaign from Doner.
The Southfield, Mich., agency has created two quirky 30-second TV spots for Mills Corp., which is opening new stores in several markets nationwide. Both use Mambo music and have a retro feel.
“Mills is a unique and entertaining place for individuals and families to go,” said Doner creative director Jon Parlato. “It’s much more than shopping. So the ads have to reflect that sense of fun and entertainment.”
In one spot, women wrap a friend in bubble wrap and send her careening down a hill, through sprinklers and other obstacles. Copy superimposed over the images tells of how friends are always looking for new ways to have fun together. The spot closes with references to the new store openings.
“Greased Pig” is similar, showing a family “having fun” by letting a greased pig wreak havoc through their house. –Tanya Irwin