Remembering Brian

On Jan. 27, DDB Needham Dallas employees mourned the death of Brian Fletcher, the 8-year-old son of agency staffer Dwight Fletcher and his wife, Bitsey.
The boy’s nearly lifelong struggle with cancer ended that morning, and chairman Jake Shroepfer bore the burden of informing DDB colleagues of the tragic news.
“As many of you know, Brian has been battling a rare form of cancer for almost five years,” Shroepfer wrote in a memo. “He has been one of the most courageous human beings that I have ever seen. He has fought and fought and refused to succumb to this disease.
“I have witnessed him competing fiercely in soccer games with an artificial limb. When he wasn’t gritting his teeth to make a save in the goal, he had the most beautiful smile and sense of optimism. He was full of energy and life, just like all beautiful blue-eyed, blond hair kids.”
Memorials are requested to support sarcoma cancer research. Send contributions to: University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, P.O. Box 910888, Dallas, Texas 75391-0888.
–Glen Fest