Regence Group Consolidation Favors Riester-Robb

The Regence Group has consolidated its creative and media accounts with Phoenix-based Riester-Robb.

Regence, a holding company for BlueCross BlueShield health plans in Oregon and Utah and BlueShield plans in Idaho and parts of Washington, previously divided its accounts among three shops. Total billings are estimated at $3 million.

Riester-Robb’s Salt Lake City office has handled the Utah and Idaho accounts since 1984 and 1997, respectively. Worker Bees in Seattle had worked on the Washington account and shared the Oregon business with Moffatt/Rosenthal in Portland, Ore.

Client representative Jim Pulver said the move is meant “to achieve some cost efficiencies and to begin moving forward with a common positioning.” It’s the first time Portland-based Regence has used one agency for all four accounts. There was no external search.

“We chose Riester-Robb in large part because of their extensive experience serving our needs in Utah for many years, as well as Idaho,” said Pulver, adding that Regence was impressed with the agency’s creative skills.

All three Riester-Robb offices—Phoenix, Salt Lake and Santa Mon ica, Calif.—will work on the account. Account services will be handled out of Salt Lake; creative will be split between Salt Lake and Phoenix. All three offices will handle media.

“Our greatest challenge is to work with the heads of marketing in all four states” to determine “what strategic opportunities are similar among consumers and create a campaign that can be shared,” said president and CEO Tim Riester.

The overall positioning will focus on “strength and empowerment—how to help people maintain control over their health,” Riester said.

Initial work will include print ads touting Regence’s sports sponsorships. TV is expected in mid-May, and radio ads are also in the works.

The existing tagline in Utah and Idaho, “It’s your life. It’s your health. Take control,” is one of several being considered, said Riester.