Rebounding NBA Rebates

At long last, something good is coming out of the National Basketball Association lockout.
As the players remain on the outside looking in and the pro season twists slowly in the wind, Wray Ward Laseter of Charlotte, N.C., has taken a free throw for the less fortunate this holiday season with a pro bono ad running in the Charlotte Observer.
It suggests season ticket holders who get refunds for cancelled Charlotte Hornets’ games donate their basketball bucks to charity.
“It’s your chance to be a role model to a pro basketball player . . . Your selfless gesture could help certain people realize that money isn’t everything,” reads the plea for the Ticket Refund Charity Drive, which will disperse donations among a trio of good causes.
“Every city in the NBA ought to jump on this,” said agency principal Jim Laseter.
Laseter has already jumped, donating the cash refund from his agency’s four full-season tickets.
–T.W. Siebert