RalphLauren.com Hosts ‘4-D’ Experience

RalphLauren.com celebrated its 10th anniversary last night (Nov.11), inviting an array of fashion enthusiasts to witness a 4-D installation piece on the corner of Madison Avenue and 72nd Street in Manhattan. While Polo Ralph Lauren is lauded for its consistent adherence to the classic preppy mores, its approach to digital branding has pushed boundaries.

Inside the Polo Ralph Lauren tailored men’s store, waiters in white, double-breasted jackets circulated trays of champagne flutes during a brief cocktail reception before the presentation. At 7:55 p.m. guests began to funnel out into the cold for a multisensory experience combining fashion, video, music and fragrance.

Using the latest technology, RalphLauren.com projected a short video onto the façade of their flagship store featuring models walking a virtual catwalk and polo horses that appeared to be charging at the viewer, as well as larger-than-life ties draped over the lip of the roof and a collage of iconic Ralph Lauren images. To complete the sensory experience, a mist of the Big Pony Collection Fragrances hung over the audience.

According to David Lauren, svp of advertising, marketing and corporate communications, the 4-D display was a means of “tell[ing the] brand’s story through innovation and technology.”  Lauren said the display was “an extension of the company’s dedication to pioneering the digital space with exciting concepts.” 

Judging by the public spectacle the installation created—many curious pedestrians stopped to watch—Lauren successfully conveyed his company’s digital focus.