racing speed

Young & Rubicam’s first radio campaign for NASCAR may have listeners thinking there’s something wrong with their radio. But don’t touch that dial.

That slow speed, garbled voice is intended to show what the world might sound like to diehard racing fans.

The Chicago agency produced four radio spots for NASCAR that broke nationally this month on Motorsports Racing Network and Performance Racing Network.

In one ad, the Rolling Stones’ “Time Is on My Side” is played on slow speed. At the end of the spot a voice says,”Once you listen to NASCAR racing, everything else seems a bit … slow.”

“We used that verbiage to dramatize that these are 180, 190-miles-per-hours races,” said Roger VanDerSnick, NASCAR’s director of brand marketing.

The other three spots—”Everything Must Go,” “Weather” and “Market Snapshot”—use the same device, with a voice talking so slowly it’s barely audible.

The radio ads continue Y&R’s “How bad have you got it?” campaign, which began in February with TV and print spots.