QVC “Joan”

I’m not a major Joan Rivers fan, but I have to admit that the way she screeches, “This face has seen more knives than a Benihana” in a recent Geico commercial is pretty funny. She continues to poke fun at herself in this new QVC spot, part of an in-house campaign that offers a surprisingly clever inside look at the making of, well, a QVC commercial. Rivers, looking relaxed but still stretched, is promoting her line of faux-Faberge eggs and says she loves the designs so much that she would have “slept with Faberge” back in the day. Then she goes on to explain why the egg is special — “The crystals! The lining!” That’s when the director is heard telling her that she’s holding the unique, jewel-encrusted ovule product that she knows and loves so well “upside down.” The nicely edited spot, essentially made up of outtakes of a more formal, scripted shoot, takes the awkward, kitschy fakeness out of the sell. It also refers to the live nature of the programming. With all the possible cuts, multiple variations on the ad will run. As Rivers would be the first to admit, there’s always room for renewal. –Barbara Lippert