A Quick Bounce for Keiler & Co.

Spalding Taps Conn. Shop for Ball Reissue
BOSTON–Keiler & Co. will reintroduce the “Spaldeen,” the high-bounce pink ball popular with New York City kids two decades ago.
The interactive unit of the Farmington, Conn., agency created a Web site in just two days after word of the ball’s return lit up the switchboard at Spalding Sports Worldwide’s headquarters in Chicopee, Mass.
The site (www.spaldeen.com), which features Spaldeen trivia and loads of bouncing balls, is part of a grassroots ad campaign being designed for the New York market, where stickball tournaments using balls labeled with the Web address are currently being organized, said Spalding representative Jackie Beck. Traditional advertising will follow later this year, she added.
Keiler creative director James Pettus, associate creative director James Payne and senior Web developer Ken Colangelo designed the playful site to appeal to 12-year-olds and parents who wax nostalgic about their days of hitting around the little pink balls.
The Spaldeen site is one of a few projects Keiler has handled during the past several years for Spalding, which has turned to the shop for collateral materials and other online efforts. The client’s lead agency is Boston-based Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos.