Publisher’s Note; Profiles And Visions

We can appreciate the success of brands we enjoy as consumers.
It’s that time of the year again: when Brandweek magazine publishes the authoritative annual compendium on branding . . . our Superbrands/Marketers of the Year special report.
For the second year in a row, Brandweek’s editors and reporters bring you not only the quantitative, analytical data of the top performing brands in more than 20 product categories, but now the profiles, personalities and the visions of the marketers who are making brand history. Through their voices, and the deft interviewing of our editorial team, we can further appreciate the success of brands we all enjoy as consumers.
For the first time this year, we are proud to host an event in conjunction with the Association of National Advertisere, to honor and recognize the 13 marketers of the year featured within this issue, at the annual ANA meeting in Amelia Island, Fla.
Before branding was de rigueur, our staff at Brandweek was covering this discipline. Led, naturally, by the consumer product category, today our readers and advertisers are preoccupied with maintaining and building their brands’ values.
Major print publishers like many in this issue are spending considerable time and money on brand building campaigns. In the electronic media and entertainment category, network and cable companies are paying special attention to breaking through the ever-growing competitive clutter and getting consumers’ share of mind and loyalty through brand-oriented advertising.
Even in the areas of interactive marketing media and marketing services, agencies understand the need to differentiate themselves through brand advertising. This is something our own advertisers have had success in doing by combining lead generation and branding messages.
This incredible trend toward brand building and marketing has made it a challenge for our editors to continue bringing you, the reader, breaking news in more than two dozen product categories and the four distinct businesses I mentioned above. They get the news first, 48 times a year, from McDonald’s and Leo Burnett’s $20 million surprise to Levi Strauss’ Slates line introduction.
It is for this reason I wish to thank all our editorial contributors to this issue (see page 10).
And to thank you for your continued support and readership of America’s client book of record, Brandweek. We are proud to earn your trust in our brand.

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