Publicis & Hal Riney Flexes Global Muscle

Publicis & Hal Riney will handle its first global account, Hewlett-Packard’s personal computer division, out of its office here.
Sources said the agency will be staffing up “significantly” to meet the demands of the estimated $25-30 million “global branding assignment,” which it wrested this month from Saatchi & Saatchi in San Francisco.
The win is significant for Riney, which had been unable to land global accounts as an independent agency. The shop was acquired earlier this year by Paris-based Publicis–which handles some H-P work in Europe–in a deal that the latter’s chairman, Maurice Lƒvy, said offered Riney and its clients a “gateway to the world” [Adweek, May 18].
“We have definitely hired Publicis & Hal Riney to be our worldwide agency,” said Jan McDaniel, worldwide advertising manager for H-P’s personal systems group. “We want the agency to help us learn to be more aggressive, and we fully expect Riney to staff up creatively … to meet these aggressive goals.”
McDaniel said Riney will initially develop branding work for use in the U.S. and “some European countries,” and branch out from there. The shop will also work jointly in Europe with Publicis, which handles product-oriented advertising and other duties for H-P there, McDaniel said.
“I’m sure Riney will be tapping into the Publicis [network] for creative needs, media needs or whatever else comes along,” McDaniel said.
Publicis & Hal Riney executives declined to comment.
Despite the loss, Saatchi still handles more than $65 million in H-P business, including its Unix servers and Pavilion products, according to agency general manager Julie Bauer.
“[H-P’s] PC division wanted to consolidate, and Publicis was already handling the business in Europe, so we knew we might be fighting a losing battle,” said Bauer.
The loss will not “adversely affect” the Saatchi office, which has landed eight new business wins this year, and no layoffs are planned, Bauer said.