public birth

Ty Mueller is the son of a humble adman, BVK creative director Gary Mueller. But Ty’s birth was one of Milwaukee’s most publicized in recent memory.

Mueller pere started a tradition of unique birth announcements when his first child, Mia Rae, was born. For her, he sent out a compact disc that looked like a jazz recording. Called Soothing Sounds of Mia Rae, it contained 12 tracks of the baby screaming.

For Ty, Gary and his wife, Deb, sent friends and family a card asking them to tune into Fox 6 Morning News at 8:16 on Sept. 10.

Those who did so saw a 30-second spot showing Gary and Deb on their stomachs in bed. A baby cries. The tired parents play a quick game of rock, paper, scissors. Gary loses, forcing him to get up and check on the child.

Gary had friends in the production community help produce the spot, and he purchased the airtime. The news show bought into the story, interviewing the parents as both a preview to the spot and afterward.

“It was a slow news day,” Mueller said.